Have a Wonderful Day!

13 May

This morning I woke up quite late and was therefore late to work by nearly an hour. I was so upset with myself that I jumped out of bed and shouted at the top of my voice; ofcourse there’s no one at home because my wife is already at work in her school and my daughter is in school too.

While on my way to the ferry, I realized that I cannot carry this negative energy in me to my work place. It is a place that should be fun and joyful. So I decided to change my day, make it bright and wonderful. I sent an sms to a colleague, wishing her a good morning and told her that I woke up late because there was something good waiting for me today.

The rest of the day was fantastic. It turned out to be one of the best days I have so far had during this year. I achieved so much. And yes, something wonderful did happen too. When I walked into the “hotaa” (cafateria) by our office for lunch, I bumped into a good friend who I have not met for years now. He was in Male’ visiting his family for a short break from work and we had a long chat.

When I reflected on the events of the day, I was reminded of the saying on a tshirt I brought for my son from a visit abroad. “We are responsible for our feelings.” How true!

If I want to have a wonderful day, the effort to achieve it is simple! Just the attitude to say to myself that there is something good waiting for me today, and a promise to myself that I will have a wonderful day!

Isn’t that wonderful!

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