The completely hopeless Special Majlis…

04 Apr

Our politicians have shown their eagerness and determination to make the Constitution their way, by waging “parliamentary warfare” according to Minivan News Online.

I believe it is time for the people to demand from the “corrupt Special Majlis” to determine a definitive date on the completion of the revisions to the constitution that truely reflects the People’s wishes. If they fail to do it, the people should confine them to “Dhoonidhoo” till they complete the work for which they have taken a vow by Allah, to do their duty to the people. Ofcourse, they seem to be doing their duty unto themselves; protecting interests that they perceive as important.

While the people are confused and completely in a panic situation with the ADB warning that there are major risks to the economy in the immediate future; the government and the main opposition seems to be in shambles with infighting – DRP which is the party in power unsure of its future, the same way that the main opposition party is; the opposition who are confident of a “transitional arrangement without Maumoon” do not seem to be decided on how they would organize the country.

This Special Majlis should be taken to Court for corruption if any institution in the past or the future of this country should. They have failed the people! They are a complete nuisance!

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