Male' Family and Children Service Centre!

04 Apr

Miadhu Daily Online
3 April 2008

The foundation of the Family and Children Service Centre [building] to be established under the project for the providing decentralized social security services has been laid today. A media official for the Family and Gender Ministry said that the centre would serve the locality of Male’. He also said that 11 such centres has been established since the project begain 2005.

Mr. Shakeeb, the Senior Social Development Officer of the gender ministry also said that those employed at the centres have been given training and development opportunities abroad. The Centre for Male’ is a 6 storey building costing 14.4 million Maldivian Rufiyaa, will be completed in 10 months according to Miadhu Online.

[It would be very interesting to know how much will be spent by the ministry for training of personell for the centre and setting up a proper service regime at the centre.]

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One response to “Male' Family and Children Service Centre!

  1. moyameehaa

    April 4, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    lets see.but i have always noticed that maldives concentrate more on the building and all than on the services. for example, huge buildings for schools and faculties are very nice with modern finishings and all. but education is much better (guess that is the reason more and more are going there instead of getting in in maldives)in Indian insitutions which dont have good enough facilities..sometimes the buildings looks like they will crumble down anytime.sometimes even in big and famous universities a few computers are found. they concentrate more on the services. even if we look in to child protection and all we can see that. this does not mean the building should not be good.. we need a balance. we need good facilities for good service..the problem is the latter doesnt show up usually in maldives.

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