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Male' Family and Children Service Centre!

Miadhu Daily Online
3 April 2008

The foundation of the Family and Children Service Centre [building] to be established under the project for the providing decentralized social security services has been laid today. A media official for the Family and Gender Ministry said that the centre would serve the locality of Male’. He also said that 11 such centres has been established since the project begain 2005.

Mr. Shakeeb, the Senior Social Development Officer of the gender ministry also said that those employed at the centres have been given training and development opportunities abroad. The Centre for Male’ is a 6 storey building costing 14.4 million Maldivian Rufiyaa, will be completed in 10 months according to Miadhu Online.

[It would be very interesting to know how much will be spent by the ministry for training of personell for the centre and setting up a proper service regime at the centre.]

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Four suspects to be handed over to AG Office

Jazeera has reported that the investigation of the gang who raped and sexually abused a girl in Villingili, a satellite island of Male’, eight minutes from the main island; will be completed shortly and the case rested with the Attorney General’s Office.

It was shocking to us, that the news item started by labelling the girl as a runaway, which will make people look down on her and doubt her dignity. The editor definitely does not have sensitization to child abuse matters. We would like to call upon all media stakeholders to ensure that the dignity of a child who is a victim of sexual abuse is dragged through the dirt. It is not a crime to runaway from home; and definitely not one punishable by public announcement. CAWM will take up the matter with the Ministry of Information by official mail.

It was the calous attitude of the authorities in attending to the case of the Villingili rape and video distribution incident that triggered CAWM.

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Child Help Line

Haveeru has reported that the Ministry of Family will be establishing a “Child Help Line” to cater for children who have problems: I suppose that means children can call into this number and get help! This was also a suggestions that has been put forth by one contributor to CAWM.

The report also said that the Family Ministry will come up with the help line before the end of the year. I guess that gives them sufficient time for getting the necessary approvals, planning and designing the infrastructure, getting the cables laid out and also finding someone to handle it and training such a person and doing all the rest.

The biggest challenge however is going to be getting someone dedicated to this job. We have so many important adhoc matters that come up; that would demand deviation of attention of anybody who is employed in the government. And to get someone dedicated to the job, we might need to wait till the Civil Service is commissioned, which would take more than a year, I think.

Anyway, this will be a leap step forward; if it would materialize. Going by the pace and space of action on narcotics, prostituion and so on; it is unlikely that we will see much happening without continuous pressure on the government. It may be worthwhile for concerned citizens to write to their MPs, the Family Minister and the President to bring our concern to their attention.

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