President Next….. Anni!

27 Mar

Anni launched his campaign with a new touch to the Maldivian political realm, on Friday, March 7, 2008. This is indeed a year of revolution in the Maldives.

The people are anticipating a nervous countdown to the “new” constitution that will give them the people power (for the first time) to choose a President who will lead them into the New Maldives.

“Thaahiru dhiri ulhumakah” (for a decent life) is indeed what the Maldivians have been longing for, and the crux of the pulse of the people, and the sum total of the passion of the people, who took to the streets for reform and change. They were fed up with a life in paradise that was a potential hell breaking loose for the future generations; where high profile scandals of the likes of the national flag carrier Air Maldives were common place.

Anni, who I believe started on a left foot, seems now to have tilted to the “right” foot. He has (overnight) turned himself, into the politician that he was not, by virtue of his activist tendencies. Anni seems to be out to prove that he is a Presidential Class politician! I had always believed him to be a credible activist worthy of the respect of a national hero, and not a mainstream politician!

It is yet to be seen how he will overcome the first hurdle of getting through party primaries, contested by party president Munavvaru and popular MP Reeko Moosa. One thing for sure, Anni will always be fondly remembered for his majority contribution to the reform process, whether the party decides to endorse him to run against DRP Leader Maumoon in the New Maldives Presidential elections, or otherwise – if it can happen!

“Thaahiru dhiri ulhumeh” is what we need in every sense of the phrase; yet whether people will trust Anni to be able to deliver the vision is to be seen! The People will decide!


2 responses to “President Next….. Anni!

  1. Anonymous

    March 28, 2008 at 2:43 am

    Ok, that’s your opinion. Have a look at someone else’s analysis too: see that that this blogger has also a link to yours. Anyhow, I think Anni IS a mainstream politician, and he WILL beat Munavvar.

  2. dr munavvar supporter

    March 27, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    MDP members will elect a person who can lead them. They will elect Dr Munavvar.

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