Dhangethi Island Office Order: A legal precedence!

02 Mar

Haveeru Online has reported that all political activities have been banned in Dhangethi in connection with the Youth Day activities being held on the island this week.

This is a very interesting precedence. The Youth Day activities to be free from political dynamics is a far cry from the political and social reality of the country right now. The island office order also implied that political activity “could cause disruptions to the peace and stability”. I am not quite sure as to the legal basis of the island office order. The assistant island chief of the island also implied that promoting a political party would result in instability.

It is a very interesting prelude to the tactics that would be used by the government in its campaign for democracy and reform in the run up to the upcoming Presidential Elections.

Simple minds lack the capacity to encounter and cope with complex situations. So no wonder! And interestingly the masses are simple minded folk with limited capacity to operate in a complex political environment; and that is exactly what a multi-party election is about. So, though we are edging closely toward multi-party elections, it is the “multi-party nature” of the multi-party alliance that would be their biggest threat. Thus, the “government party” will have the edge in its election gimmick with simple peoples!

I am not quite sure whether the simple people of the island of Dhangethi knew exactly why they gave up so much and contributed so much in time and kind and money, for! What they were celebrating and why they were so warned not to tarnish “the good name and reputation of the island”.

Those who instructed the island office to put out that order know exactly what they want. I know for a fact that the decree could not have been the works of the simple minds on the island. They would not lift a finger without instructions from higher authorities, let alone ban political activity outright.

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