Transparency Maldives Public Launch

18 Feb

This afternoon at four o’clock I attended the public launch of Transparency Maldives (TM), the national chapter of Transparency International. Three speakers – Mr. Pascal from TI, Dr. Ifthikar from TI Bangladesh and a human rights activist Mr. S. Mohamed from Sri Lanka spoke at the launch. The event also included a panel of local persons; Mr. Anil the Commissioner of Legal Reform, Mr. Ahmed Mujuthaba of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Ijazullah from Care Society Maldives, and Mr. Nazeef who is a development consultant. The presentations by the local panelists was followed by an open session for the invitees.

I spoke to highlight the issue of public officials who used resources they avail by virtue of the positions they hold, for their own personal gains and private benefit. A number of them in the public and private sector who constitute the middle class, use their positions and offices to pursue personal gains, without a second thought. I said I hope that TM would work to change the attitude and the culture.

Later in the evening, I attended a dinner hosted by TM at Salsa Royal. I also learned that Raajje Foundation was instrumental in brining TI to Maldives.

Transparency International approach to curb corruption is through lobbying for mechanisms and instruments to minimize corruption and they do not target individuals, from what I understood from Mr. Pascal of TI.

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