Republic Day Greetings!

11 Nov

November 11, 1978: Maumoon Abdul Gayoom succeeded Ibrahim Nasir as the second president of the second republic of the Maldives, established on November 11, 1968.

The President of first republic of the Maldives which lasted from January 1, 1953 – August 21, 1953 was Mohamed Amin Didi.

Maumoon who is the third president of the Maldives has announced his intention to run for the coveted seat for a seventh term. His bid for presidency is likely to be backed by his brothers and sisters (and their families), of which he is reported to be the 10th. His political party is the DRP, which claim to have the majority support of the people.

November 11th is celebrated as the Republic Day of the second republic, in celebration of the president. So the day is more like the “President’s Day”. The day is marked culturally to show the love and respect of the people for the president.

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  1. Anonymous

    November 11, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    hello brother. you are a fool. you think maumoon will win. you will see how much love he has now. no celebration of republic day.

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