The Child is to Blame: Media Attitude to Abuse

29 Sep

Jazeera Daily in Male’ reported on September 26th that they have been told by the Maldives Police Services that the investigation of the “horrendous” rape of a young girl by a person now named as Ahmed Muhsin will be ready for sending to the Attorney General’s Office within two weeks. This is nearly two months after the actual rape occured, and one and a half months after investigation started. The President hinted in his Presidential Radio Address last, that child abuse would be given a top priority. Nothing meaningful has materialized to the public eye, since the promise. The public outrage also seem to have died down.

Almost every time, the case has been reported in the local media and by the police, they have always made sure that the subtext points to the girl having fled her home and living in hiding in Villingili. This concern, that the blame was being put on the child, was brought to the notice of the Child Protection Services by CAWM.

We have read here that: “… when a child mentions abuse the child should never be blamed. The adult should get the blame because a child cannot seduce an adult; the adult is responsible.”

So far the media or the police have not said anything more about the people who abused the girl except this one name: they have their rights as the “alleged”. The child, though has been branded and degraded as a dishonorable kid. Nobody has bothered to explain what made her run-away. Her side of the story has been kept out while putting the blame on her for running away.

The sick truth of the Maldivian attitude to child sexual abuse!

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