Our Children: A forgotten species!

14 Aug

Teacher caught red-handed molesting 8 year old boy!
The above news has so far not been reported in the Maldives Police Service website; similar to the torture, rape and video case of a 15 year old girl in Villingili. It is alarming that the majority of us seem to be blind to the fate of our children. We have more important things to do. We have no time to attend to our children’s future. We are only good at making speeches and fantastic plans and world class reports.
I can only despise the people who have the capcity to digest the plight of the helpless children in our country who are abused, raped and tortured; because there are more important things for them to do. I go bonkers seeing the millions of Rufiyaa that are being spent by the government, the political parties, and the parliament to promote the form of government they favor. Theyhave no time, energy or money for the children.  
The human rights commission has been late to respond to the crisis facing our children. Our parliament, so fond in brining forth petitions on issues of concern to the honorable members, have not raised the matter so far. Our children are sadly left to fend for themselves, despite the alarming number of incidents that has been reported in the media thus far in the past few months. Multiple incidents in the span of a few months don’t seem to have been a cause for concern in the quarters that matter.
The Sunny Side of Life … paradise on earth for some, including the visitors to the world renowned resorts and spas of this country; but not the same sunny paradise for the children of this country; is said to be an examplary democracy. Yet, we have a state that has failed to be accountable to the plight of its children in a meaningful way, to the right degree at the right time.
Who is accountable? Accountablity means someone will respond. Yet we don’t see anyone responding responsibly and meaningfully to the abuse and torture of our children.
We are a nation that has forgotten and neglected its children. Woe be on those who are responsible!
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