MNCCI Night Market will start on July 27th

25 Jul

The MNCCI had its executive board meeting as schedule this afternoon at 4.30 pm. Today’s meeting was a highly productive meeting and ran longer than usual. It was concluded at 6.30 pm. On that agenda were deliberations on the Charter of the Chamber, issues related to MPA, Sri Lanka – Maldives trade, the Night Market and other pressing matters.
MNCCI Night Market 2007 will start on July 27th. It is expected that there will be more than 25,000 visitors to the market every night, which is open from 8 o’clock till midnight. A departure from tradition will be to have two ticketing desks; one at each end-entrance, who will be selling discount coupons to donate money to the "Fire Recovery Fund" created by house owners of those completed burned down in the Moaree Garage fire incident. The board unanimously agreed to empower the Chairman of the Night Market Committee to do the needful and support the case. A difficult issue faced by the Night Market Committee will be to contain the ensuing presidential vs. parliamentary campaing that will be in full swing during the night market. The board was of the opinion that it should refrain in all possible and visible manner, from enganing in the cross fire, and maintain its neautrality and non-alignment in national politics. How this would be implemented on the ground was left to the Night Market Committee and the Chairperson of the Committee.
The board also resolved to do a study on issues related to the Sri Lanka – Maldives bilateral trade and investments. A committee of four members was charged to undertake the activity by outsourcing, if necessary. In addition, a committee was also selected to meet the Food and Drug Authority in relation to issues of food handling – especially frozen meat including chicken, and to show support for their efforts in the campaign for cleanliness and hygene in cafes, tea shops and restaurants.
The board also resolved to continue with its efforts to find a long term solution as well as attend to the short term issues related to Male’ Commercial Harbor. There was a strong conviction that red tape and lack of management capacity were crucial factors which were the impediments to efficiency of Male’ port management and service delivery.
Several other issues including food security were deliberated in the meeting today; which was one of the most productive, well attended meetings of the board this year.
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