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13 Jul

My father in law was admitteed in the ICU at the IGMH Wednesday night, because he had extremely low sodium levels and needed critical medical care. As we admitted him to the ICU we were asked for four persons who would visit him in the ICU. We gave four names and were told that it was only these four people that would be allowed to visit him while he is admitted in the ICU; and that they also could visit only during the visiting hours which was 11pm to 12pm and 5.30pm to 6.30pm in the afternoon.
Yesterday in the afternoon we were in the waiting room and someone asked about the visiting hours. I said that only the four people listed could visit father, and an argument almost erupted. Apparently, people can go in as many as they wished; during the visiting hours. I just couldn’t understand how people could be so "blind" to keeping the procedures that were put in place for eveyone’s benefit.
Then, come the visiting hours, the whole area around the ICU was full. People were queuing up to go into the ICU, as if it was a zoo or a carnival. I remember one of the notices announced to me even said that those who can visit will be the immediate family of the person and guardian of the patient. But then again, Male’ is a place where you can get extraordinary VIP treatment if you wanted either through your friends or just by being extremely arrogant and rude.
Those who queued up and went into the ICU even included children. Some went in, came out and burst into hysterical crying and there was a big scene around the area. I went in and saw father and went out of hospital. So I did not witness what happened afterwards. My wife told me that later some restriction was exercised by the staff in ICU because some people went into the ICU in twos and threes.
I cannot understand why the registration counter and the ICU reception staff should announce to you and get your signature to comply with rules of procedure that they will not maintain.
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