Joy Riders of Male'

14 Jul

This Friday I had gone to Dharubaaruge to fetch my daughter from Dharubaaruge where she was attending a UC MAS class. As I rode in a vehicle past the Hakatha fuel station on Boduthakurufaanu Magu, we saw a huge crowd gathered on both sides of the road and some bikers who seemed to be showing off their biking skills to the crowd who were gathered there. A little beyond the crowd we were confronted with a police zigzag line of cones through which we had to manouver. At the corner of Dharubaaruge (just next to no.8 gaadiyaa) the cones had blocked the road and a traffic police sign instructed a diversion to the left. My friend left me at the gaadiyaa and drove off, as he was on his way somewhere.
A minute had not passed by when a band of bikers had come up to the diversion point and raced their engines all together and had showed off to the lonely policeman at the point. After a while they rode off with much noise and the line of bikers continued (mixed with those who were out for an evening ride) for a few minutes. The bikers who were entertaining themselves were young and most of them looked the type you don’t want to meddle with.
I slowly walked my way to the front (or is it the back?) of Dharubaaruge to fetch my daughter who will be finishing at 7.15 pm. As she came out and we walked toward Henveiru, the joy riders came and zoomed past us. The people on the street were taken aback and fear showed on the faces of some of the young kids who were coming out. As we walked the beach road to Alimas Carnival (roughly fifteen minutes walking distance for us), we came across the same bikers twice.
It is quite alarming that the streets of Male’ are left to joy riders; who have nothing more meaningful to do, or who don’t seem to have respect for the ordinary people on the streets. I am sure that meaninful engagement with young people (in this case the bikers) to focus their energy on more meaningful and productive endevours would be more beneficial to the society as well as the young people themselves. But the question is, who will make that meaningful effort in an effective way.
It is the likes of us, who break our backs day and night to fuel the lifestyles of these younge people. They don’t have to work to earn a living or to do what they do. I may be wrong (correct me if I am), but there cannot be a bright future for us with the street gangs who are mushrooming from all quarters in Male’. I don’t want to be a judge of right and wrong; but I would like to question the responsibility of parents and society in developing our young people into productive citizens.
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