Respect Respect Respect: My Foot!

10 Jul

I am watching the first on air show of the People’s Majlis (Parliament) of Maldives – our beloved (damned) nation that we have to be proud of! The Honorable Members spent much of their speaking time on talking about respect, during the first item on the agenda after the Question and Answer time. It was interesting how concerned they were about the respect that they deserve. The speakers included those who were allegedly behind the defamation and character assassination of individuals without a basis.
And some of the most impressive representations on the second item as well as the first one came from the most unlikely Honorable Members, who have had their character assassinated for other people’s personal gains. This justified any allegation or doubt in the minds of people like me – who have had second thoughts on televising the Majlis. The populists moved to a second position against the more genuine representatives of the people.
It was not obvious whether some of the Representatives or Honorable Members (as they would like themselves to be called) represented the people or their parties that they illegaly represent in the Majlis or their personal interest. Interestingly, the campaign for presidential vs. parliamentary system of government was noticeable in what was said by some members. What was interesting was that the pro-parliamentary campaigners – the main opposition to the government; MDP – failed to compose a shadow cabinet that comprised of parliamentarians in its total composition. They lacked the trust and confidence in parliamentarians to form the totality of their shadow cabinet.
A definite point that hit my mind is the impact of this broadcast in educating the people to make empowered decisions in the democratic process. The non-competent respresetatives will become obvious and will be weeded out in time, if these broadcasts are allowed to go on. The recent past has shown that the public in this country are educated and open and responsible in a period of rapid transmission. But the bottomline really is whether the Honorable Members will be true to their words on repsect and responsible citizenship through examplary discipline to the public, even outside and beyond the Majlis Floor. 
Bravo Ibra. They have chickened out! Those who abstained actually voted against the motion. They have failed the people they represent. They don’t respect the people they represent. My foot! [I am going to sleep; so have to skip the next agenda item.]
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