The Show is On: The First Episode

08 Jul

The first episode of the televised Poeples’ Majlis Sessions charged with coming up with a new constitution for the people of Maldives is being broadcast on Television Maldives as I write this blog. It is very interesting sitthing here and listening to the Honorable Members of the Majlis beat around the bush.
I cannot help thinking that the people are today given to watch a bunch of Honorable Members who have not been able to agree or come to terms with simple Rules of Engagement; in almost three years of their existence. And they go on wasting time trying to "say something" to impress someone, blabbering on how they will vote for the item on the agenda; without much substance. I say the above, because the arguments put forth were not convincing in anyway, excepting the representation made by one or two members. This is a simple matter that could have been sorted, through an "out-of-the-Chamber" settlement by the illegal representatives of MDP and DRP in the Special Majlis.
Interestingly enough, when the Honorable Members speak they seem to be "new" to their job of representing the people. They speak with hesitation and lack enthusiasm and passion, in general. Of course, there is nothing to be passionate about the subject on the agenda! And I cannot help wondering whether some of these Honorable Members are representing their constituents or themselves or an entity that they have chosen to represent on their own discretion. Some of the Honorable Members once in a while do refer to the vows they have taken. It is not clear whether any of these people care about the vows they have taken or the people they represent.
And there were one or two instances where I wondered whether an "educated argument" would hold in this Chamber. We will be able to hold a better judgement of this (failed) Majlis in time. Towards the end I could not help wondering why we did not bring a British or EU panel of experts to educate the Honorable Members on the art of representation, negotiation, and effective and efficient legislation.
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