Our Competitiveness in Life

07 Jun

It was only at the age of forty years that I had learnt the importance of “competitive engagement” in life. You might question what I mean here. We live in a highly competitive and dynamic world today. Change is so imminent and yet so fluid. Let’s take the last couple of days in our life. We have had two deaths by hanging, one dead body rotting in a house, one dead body by the beach, one death of an inmate and two in serious condition in the ICU, and three freak accidents of which two were fatal, a policeman with a head injury and a cracked skull bone, and more. All of this within a couple of days! It would have taken a couple of years at the least, for all or most of these things to happen, in our life!  
So! Just close your eyes for a minute and THINK about how constant change has become and the short life-cycle of change. Things are happening so fast today that it is a job in itself to keep pace with what is happening around us and in our lives. In short, life has become so complicated and so highly competitive. And it is very important for us to keep ahead of the tide, if we are to be successful. And we HAVE to be successful. A miserable life will be unbearable; and is absolutely unnecessary!
Our competitiveness in life is a function of our “engagement in our wake-up time”. When we engage ourselves in activities that are not directly related to our goals in life, we make ourselves less competitive.
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