Yet Another Reshuffle!

24 Jun

The mainstream media today reported yet another of President Gayoom’s many cabinet reshuffles. One would have to wonder what sparks these and where they lead to. The dissident sections of the media were reporting since day before yesterday an imminent reshuffle and a possible sacking of some cabinet ministers and the addition of fresh blood to Maumoon’s team of ministers. Yet when it happened it was a mere shuffle of portfolios which has no meaning – except of course, Mr. Deen been a little disappointed with his initiative for local governance been taken away from him. The rest have nothing to even complain about. I would think Thasmeen is now in a better position with all the booing and harrasment due to him by virtue of him being the Home Minister responsible for the Police and the Penitentiary, taken off his back.
One would have thought that a well-thought out reshuffle of the cabinet would include the appointment of a cabinet Minister for Employment. This would be the single most important portfolio that would make a difference for the current government and Maumoon’s Party in the next election; whichever way it is conducted – whether under the auspices of a new constitution or the old one. (I believe we don’t have a constitution that is current!)
The challenge for the current regime is that all this – including the reshuffles have to be done in a rush; without a clue of what the likely outcome is. This is only because the regime is so much driven by fear of the opposition and the dissidents. And the opportunity hunters within the regime utilize this fear to their maximum advantage. This reshuffle could also turn out to be one that has been pressurized from within through similar tactics. I wouldn’t be surprised!
Mohamed Shihab / Smile and Let Smile
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