A Simple Phone Call is What it Takes!

22 May

This morning I called up the operator of our copmany and asked to pass my call to one of our operational division heads. She passed the phone, and after some music, the division head picked up the phone and said, "hello".
I opened my mouth to say hello, and the the phone was slapped on it’s cradle with a heavy hand – probably a heavy heart controlled that hand. [I sometimes wonder why we say the heart, when it actually is the mind!]
And interestingly, I am reading this book "The Best Damn Sales Book Ever" by Warren Greshes! And Page 5 – 6 reads:
"… I opened the yellow pages and found four different car services … I called each one and told them I will be movign to the area, I was looking for a reliable car service that could get me to and from the airport … and I would like to ask them a few questions.
Three of the four acted as if I had the plague and they were afraid they could catch it right through the phone line. … The fourth company – Thorpe’s ofcourse – spend so much time answering my questions and being helpful, I couldn’t wait to get them off the phone.
The decision was easy – three lousy attitudes, one great one." and goes on to conclude in the first chapter, as follows:
" Do you see how easy it is to beat the competition? … In the case of Thorpe’s Inc. it was the willingness to politely answer a few questions from a potential client."  
Just reminded me of the enormous challenge we have, in building Damas into a leader in trading and supply services.
Mohamed Shihab / Smile and Let Smile
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