Brutal Killing of yet another young man!

15 Apr

There is breaking news on DO ( that the body of a young man from Addu has been brutally killed and thrown into the sea near Atholhuvehi – the Maldives Police Service ( detention centre in Male’.
Where are we headed as a nation? Are we all helpless in the face of this phantom monster that we have been confronted with. Some will say that it is simply the course of nature. That we are going through a phase of transition. But can all this be so simplified!
I would have thought the government would form a committee of national reconciliation to investigate these matters. After all, it is a matter of national interest that we have a dignity of human life in this country. The government will have nothing to lose. And the opposition also will have to participate in such a process responsibly to try to identify the cultprits and bring them to justice. There is no gain in bringing down national institutions. The Maldives Police Service is an institution, and its dignity has to be upheld.
The art of politicizing everything has to come to a STOP! But who can do anything about it. Our politicians cannot see further that the tip of their own desires! How sad! Only if our politicians knew how to fight the battle for politics, while working together on issues on national interest. We have seen that others country’s can do that! Why can’t we?
The only thought that comes to my mind is, "we are so scared of the truth!"
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