Yaameen's Resignation

14 Apr

What is going to be the state of politics in the country now, a friend of mine asked me this afternoon!
I told him that everything has happened for the better. The resignation of ex-Minister Yaameen from Maumoon’s cabinet is a win for the People of the Maldives, a win for Yaameen, and a win for Maumoon.
Though some peole expect there to be controvesies and a lot of disruption in the government, I doubt there would be any. The government will become stronger in terms of its capacity to carry out its expressed reform agenda. However there will now be a credible opposition that they would have to engage with. MDP will be downgraded to "a" force within the opposition, rather than the opposition. DRP will have the majority in parliament followed by the independant MPs, followed by the MDP. Hence, MDP will also be compelled to become a more responsible opposition within the parliament; rather than the just the flame of the Maldivian people who hope to overthrow Maumoon. The would have to engage within the government in a politicially mature form rather than they have so far been; againsnt anyone who is not with them.
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