A Suicide Every Fortnight!

09 Apr

Wow! This would be yet another record, I guess! A suicide every fortnight for every 300,000 persons should be a record indeed. That is in a year when we have the a record breaking government budget, in the country with the region’s highest per capita GDP figure. Is it worth being proud of! Indeed if we are proud of being Maldivian.
The nation that we live in today is about cruelty, disrespect, character assasination, filth, corruption, revenge, hate; total anarchy and all things falling apart. Most of all, the complete eradication of faith, as we knew it. Today faith is a tool to challenge others and to prove your point. It is not a practise anymore.
There is the positive side of the record number of suicidal deaths. Just like the positive side of the tsunami. Look at the paradigm shif that we have had since the tsunami. Indeed these suicides will initiate soul-searching, and we would have national conferences, seminars, international aid and the whole gammit that would benefit the country and its people. Wow!
A Nation on its way to Doom! The Maldives! Enjoy while you can!
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