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08 Apr

What a coincidence! I had just been thinking about liveable homes for our children, and I bumped across a friend of mine who had been living a solution for the past eight years!
I bumped across Mausoom, a friend I had not seen a long time and asked him where he was going. He told me that he was going to send money home. He was standing in front of the Western Union office. So I asked him, "Can you send money to Addu also through them now!". He told me he was sending money to his family in Colombo. Since my friend was from Addu, I was a bit confused and it showed on my face. So he explained to me.
He said, since his son was in UKG he had moved them to Colombo; the education was good, the living conditions were good, housing and cost of living was affordable. In fact, they were ridiculously low compared to what he would have to spend to put up his family in Male, where the conditions were much worse. He send about ten thousand Maldivian Rufiyaa every month to his family. And that gives his family a quality life in a "home out-of-home!".
How true! Indeed for an Adduan working in a resort, Colombo will definitely be a much better home than Male’ or Addu. And even for that matter, Bangalore now!
So who cares whether these islands would be under the sea or not in 50 years time! Our children will not call this place "home"!
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