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10 Apr

Yesterday evening a friend of mine and I had a coffee at "The Water Front Cafe" with another colleague of ours. After the coffee, my friend left and I called a taxi for my colleague. The taxi center said they are sending one, and hung up. When ten minutes passed, I tried calling the taxi center and it was engaged for over ten minutes. We managed finally to flag down one of the taxis passing by!
This would be a common phenomena in Male’ for these few days! The schools’ exams are over and parents don’t need to take their children to school anyway! The taxis are owned or driven usually by people who have a car to take their children or relatives to school or of a similar nature. When schools close they do not have to take children to school. So most of the time they will be either out with their families or at home or enjoying with friends. And they have sufficient money to last them these several days!
This is the plight of taxi services in Male’. There is no public transport system. Number of taxis that will be allowed are controlled by the government! Though more than 60% of the taxis are not on the street at a given time, is none of their business. They have brought in professors from neighboring countries to study the problem. There is a transport ministry and a municipality for Male’.
I had to wait for a taxi for over 10 minutes on arrival from Villingili yesterday morning to come to office. When schools are closed who want to wake up so "early" in the morning. Similarly today the wait was longer at the ferry terminal. We can wait! Those who matter have their own transport services, with garages and workshops and the full barrage of amenities and services.
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