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Rally held to protest against child abuse

Haveeru Online wrote:

A rally was held in Malé on Saturday to protest against the increasing number of child abuse cases in the country and to demand stricter penalties for child abusers. A petition was signed by the participants and President Mohamed Nasheed also participated in the march.

During the rally, organized by several NGOs, the participants called on the People’s Majlis to establish a legal system in which child abusers would be given harsher penalties.

Around 500 people participated in the march which began near the Social Centre and ended at the Artificial Beach area. Protesters carried placards and posters with slogans calling for an end to child abuse.

Several prominent figures such as Dr Aminath Jameel of the Health and Family Mininstry, some MPs, and President of the Human Rights Commission Ahmed Saleem also participated in the march. The participants marched through Majeedhee Magu and ended it at the Artificial Beach, where a gathering was held.

Speaking at the gathering, President Mohamed Nasheed said that child abuse was on the rise not only because of lack of laws and regulations but also due to lack of qualified judges who could more adequately interpret the existing laws. He also said that the increase in reported cases of child abuse recently was due to public awareness and readiness to discuss the issue.

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Rally for the Prevention of Child Abuse

NGOs and concerned members of the Civili Society along with other stakeholders are organizing to call for an end to child abuse, to take immediate action and to bring to the attention of the government and the parliament, the urgency of legal and institutional mechanisms that need to be put in place for the prevention of child abuse in Maldives.

A peaceful procession will start at 4 o’clock on Saturday, June 20, 2009; and will proceed to the Artificial Beach area where a rally calling for immediate action by the state and the civil society to put an end to child abuse will be held.

A petition to be put to parliament and the government will be signed by those attending the procession and the rally.

This event is an initiative of Noor in collaboration with other Civil Society partners, Male’ Ward Women’s Committees and concerned citizens with the support and participation of government agencies working for the prevention of child abuse including Human Rights Commission of the Maldives.

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Paedophile attack sparks awareness march

Minivan News reports:

An eight-year-old boy was sexually and physically abused by the driver of a van which the boy was washing, on Haa Alifu atoll Hoarafushi, according to several sources.
A group of three islanders saw the van in an empty parking lot and found the boy being assaulted by Hussain Naseer, 21, said Ibrahim Adam, a local mechanic from Hoarafushi.
Police say they were informed by the victim’s family and Naseer was taken to into custody for questioning.

Ilyas Ibrahim, Hoarafushi assistant island police chief, said the suspect was being held at Dhidhdhoo island police station.

Upon hearing about the incident, Ibrahim and a group of around 50 people, composed of leaders from local associations and local youth, organised an awareness march which will take place tomorrow.

“[We will start] in front of island office… we will walk with different types of slogans and stop at places and raise our voice against the crime,” said Ibrahim, speaking to Minivan news today.
Although the boy had no relation to Nasseer, the owner of the van is friends with the boy’s uncle, and provided the family with financial support.

He added that the boy and his three older siblings had been born out of wedlock, and their mother left them earlier this year to live on Villingili island.

Tomorrow’s march will end at the jetty area where different people including government officials and youth will give speeches.

Full report

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HRCM holds consultation on trafficking

Minivan News 13 May 2009:

The Human Rights Commission Maldives (HRCM) held a national consultation on women and child trafficking yesterday at its offices.

The objective of the consultation was to prepare a paper to review the SAARC Convention on Prevention and Combating Trafficking in Women and Children for Prostitution.

The meting was held jointly with the International Organisation for Migration in Bangladesh with assistance from the Asian Development Bank.

At the opening ceremony, HRCM President Ahmed Saleem and Mazeena Jameel, permanent secretary of the ministry of health and family, both made statements regarding the role and current status of trafficking in the Maldives.

Representatives from the ministry, as well as from the ministry of foreign affairs, the Maldives Police Services, UNICEF, the department of immigration and emigration, and NGO Child Abuse Watch Maldives attended.

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Group gathers near convicted pedophile’s house: Haveeru

Haveeru DATE: 2009-04-09

A group of people gathered outside the house of a man who was convicted of sexually abusing several young children some years ago, protesting against the fact that the man was tutoring children at his house.

Jennifer Latheef, leading activist of a group named “Noor” which tries to create awareness about relevant issues in the country, said that the objective of the protest was to show how serious the crime that he had committed was and to create awareness among parents about the dangers of sending their children to such a man.

She said that around twenty members of the group would gather outside the house of the former school teacher for two hours every day for a week. The pedophile had served his sentence after being found guilty by the Court and had started a tuition class for children once he was released.



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Petition to Increase Punishment for Paedophiles: Miadhu

A petition to be sent to parliament saying that the punishment for the child sex abuse offenders are too lenient and which calls the Parliament to increase the punishment, had gained 600 signatures. The petition is organized by the “Noor”.

Jenifer Latheef one of the organizers says that while the number of cases had been increasing the punishment for the heinous crime is far too lenient. She also said there are concerns among the public on the lack of legal protection available for the children and current drafts states 15 years as the punishment for the crime, which she says is too lenient. She said that any Maldivian who is above 18 years old can sign the petition.

The petition which began last Tuesday had already gained 600 signatures. The petition is open for the entire Maldives; however, signatures are only being gathered in capital Male at this moment. Petition is being sent to other islands and will also be sent schools, business entities and resorts.

Full article here

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NGOs write to President Nasheed

Miadhu Online : 17th November 2008

Five NGOs has sent a letter to President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) urging him not to pardon any inmates serving time in jail for child abuse.

President Nasheed after his success in the country’s first ever multiparty presidential elections has publicly declared that he will review cases of each every inmate serving time in Jail and will provide leniency where ever possible.

Speaking on the matter representative of NGO Rights for All Nashiya Shareef informed Miadhu Daily that in addition to Rights for All, 4 other NGOs working for the protection of Children’s Rights, Hand in Hand, Silent Voice, Empowering Movement and Ensure has taken the initiative to send the letter to President Nasheed.

In the letter, the 5 NGOs expressed concern that inmates’ already serving time for various offenses involving child abuse may be pardoned. They expressed that these offenders are serving time in Jail with out receiving any special treatment. Nashiya expressed that it is likely that these offenders may be repeated offenders and such it is these offenders if released pose a potential threat. Nashiya informed that may children live in constant fear of such threats and that in many instances child abuse cases are not proven in courts.

Nashiya informed the 5 NGOs have urged the President to seriously consider the consequences before pardoning any child abuse offenders and to provide them with necessary rehabilitation before such offenders are released to the society.

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Letter to the Human Rights Commissioner – translation

Child Abuse Watch Maldives – CAWM
Facebook Online Community Group
Facebook Community, World Wide Web

Mr. Ahmed Saleem
The Human Rights Commissioner


The Maldives media has reported yet another case of gang rape of a minor, in this paradise on Earth. This is not even worthy of classification as news in this paradise. It is commonplace.

The girl who was molested in the trees by the beach of the fifth ward island of Male’, and many other young girls and boys who have been victims of sexual abuse are still awaiting justice and their rights. The responsible state agencies, high officials and political parties are incapable of protecting the nation from this monster “Rannamaari”.

I believe that you and your commission has not been proactive and forceful enough in bringing these atocities to the attention of the high officials, state agencies and the political parties; and holding them accountable. You may have your justification for failing in this, but this is my humble opinion.

I plead with you, Sir, for the sake of Almighty Allah; for you to do something concrete, while various people in this paradise are busy fighting for their share of a piece of paradise. I beg of you to work urgently to bring in mechanims and means to protect the children of this nation from the monster “Rannamaari” waiting like vultures to feast on them; and to hold the state accountable.

I beg of you to get a place for the children of this nation, while those thirsty for the riches of this paradise are blinded in their wars to gain the maximum benefits for themselves.

In the hope that this plea will be listened to,
CAWM Member


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Children's Rights Action Group (CRAG)

CAWM has started a discussion topic in the Facebook Group (Child Abuse Watch Maldives) to muster volunteers for a possible initiative to engage at the local community level for the rights of children. The proposed objective is to create an caring environment in the local communities for children. The CRAG Initiative is a response from CAWM to suggestions by members to move to the next level; from being a cyber lobby to a meaningful advocacy and action group at the local community level.

We would like to call upon those who are interested to register your intention and interest to participate as a volunteer / member in your local community in starting a Children’s Rights Action Group. You can also support the effort by giving your contribution to the development of the CRAG concept.

CAWM is an online community solely for the purpose of creating a platform for concerned persons in the virtual world. Yet, it is a fact that child abuse is an everyday occurance in the Maldives, and action is needed to combat the issue at the grassroot level. CRAG will hopefully provide that platform.


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Change of Addressee of the Petition and the Letter

We would like to inform all those who have already signed our petition to the Chief Justice to the Minister of Justice is on the basis of legal advise given to CAWM by a legal expert. He said that the judges of lower courts do not come under the Chief Justice. They are neither required to report to the Minister of Justice in relation to the cases they are assigned to look into, yet the Minister of Justice is the administrator of the lower courts and therefore responsible for their wrongdoings.

We thank those who have already signed the petition and already requested for a copy of the letter.

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