Letter to the Human Rights Commissioner – translation

05 Sep

Child Abuse Watch Maldives – CAWM
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Mr. Ahmed Saleem
The Human Rights Commissioner


The Maldives media has reported yet another case of gang rape of a minor, in this paradise on Earth. This is not even worthy of classification as news in this paradise. It is commonplace.

The girl who was molested in the trees by the beach of the fifth ward island of Male’, and many other young girls and boys who have been victims of sexual abuse are still awaiting justice and their rights. The responsible state agencies, high officials and political parties are incapable of protecting the nation from this monster “Rannamaari”.

I believe that you and your commission has not been proactive and forceful enough in bringing these atocities to the attention of the high officials, state agencies and the political parties; and holding them accountable. You may have your justification for failing in this, but this is my humble opinion.

I plead with you, Sir, for the sake of Almighty Allah; for you to do something concrete, while various people in this paradise are busy fighting for their share of a piece of paradise. I beg of you to work urgently to bring in mechanims and means to protect the children of this nation from the monster “Rannamaari” waiting like vultures to feast on them; and to hold the state accountable.

I beg of you to get a place for the children of this nation, while those thirsty for the riches of this paradise are blinded in their wars to gain the maximum benefits for themselves.

In the hope that this plea will be listened to,
CAWM Member


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2 responses to “Letter to the Human Rights Commissioner – translation

  1. Anonymous

    September 5, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    A dog can only bark.

  2. Anonymous

    September 5, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    I wish CAWM will do something concrete itself without shouting all the time. Try going on the media and raising awareness of parents, do a survey to find out why it becomes so easy for poedophiles to abuse our children, what can parents do, what can the school system do and what can this community do? Be proactive. Advocacy is not about just pointing your fingers at the state everytime an atrociuos act happens in this society. It is about brining solutions too. Be part of the solution.

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