Paedophile attack sparks awareness march

19 Jun

Minivan News reports:

An eight-year-old boy was sexually and physically abused by the driver of a van which the boy was washing, on Haa Alifu atoll Hoarafushi, according to several sources.
A group of three islanders saw the van in an empty parking lot and found the boy being assaulted by Hussain Naseer, 21, said Ibrahim Adam, a local mechanic from Hoarafushi.
Police say they were informed by the victim’s family and Naseer was taken to into custody for questioning.

Ilyas Ibrahim, Hoarafushi assistant island police chief, said the suspect was being held at Dhidhdhoo island police station.

Upon hearing about the incident, Ibrahim and a group of around 50 people, composed of leaders from local associations and local youth, organised an awareness march which will take place tomorrow.

“[We will start] in front of island office… we will walk with different types of slogans and stop at places and raise our voice against the crime,” said Ibrahim, speaking to Minivan news today.
Although the boy had no relation to Nasseer, the owner of the van is friends with the boy’s uncle, and provided the family with financial support.

He added that the boy and his three older siblings had been born out of wedlock, and their mother left them earlier this year to live on Villingili island.

Tomorrow’s march will end at the jetty area where different people including government officials and youth will give speeches.

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