NGOs write to President Nasheed

17 Nov

Miadhu Online : 17th November 2008

Five NGOs has sent a letter to President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) urging him not to pardon any inmates serving time in jail for child abuse.

President Nasheed after his success in the country’s first ever multiparty presidential elections has publicly declared that he will review cases of each every inmate serving time in Jail and will provide leniency where ever possible.

Speaking on the matter representative of NGO Rights for All Nashiya Shareef informed Miadhu Daily that in addition to Rights for All, 4 other NGOs working for the protection of Children’s Rights, Hand in Hand, Silent Voice, Empowering Movement and Ensure has taken the initiative to send the letter to President Nasheed.

In the letter, the 5 NGOs expressed concern that inmates’ already serving time for various offenses involving child abuse may be pardoned. They expressed that these offenders are serving time in Jail with out receiving any special treatment. Nashiya expressed that it is likely that these offenders may be repeated offenders and such it is these offenders if released pose a potential threat. Nashiya informed that may children live in constant fear of such threats and that in many instances child abuse cases are not proven in courts.

Nashiya informed the 5 NGOs have urged the President to seriously consider the consequences before pardoning any child abuse offenders and to provide them with necessary rehabilitation before such offenders are released to the society.

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  1. Anonymous

    January 10, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Shihab, did anyone followup to inquire if any of the people released for house arrest are convicted child molestors

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