Missed Mandhatha

20 Mar

The Ruby Arena, TRIVANDRUM: This afternoon I was having lunch with my father and step mother Hawatha. As we were in a conversation while waiting for the food to arrive, I was suddenly reminded of my first step mother Mandhatha.

The thought brought tears to my eyes. She was a wonderful person. She treated me like she treated any other of her children. She was always giving. She had so much to give. But. She never asked nor wanted anything from me.

The last time I saw her was when she was in hospital. Very ill. I put something under her pillow which I wanted her to have. I specifically remember that because she would not have allowed my if she knew. I came to Male’ after the visit hoping to return to see her. But she was gone before I could visit.

The most cherished of the memories I have of her is the goodies that she would send to us all the way from Addu. Sometimes she would send it through people. Sometimes she would bring it by herself.

Not only that. Whenever I would visit Addu she would make a feast “like a jinni” (in a flash). She would find the chicken and make a feast as for a prince. She would amass goodies to be taken. I would have to convince her I like to travel light, and finally negotiate to send it through someone going to Male’.

I missed her so badly, because I realized I never gave anything to the woman who gave so much to me.

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