Withering Life

14 Mar

I thought she was looking for a reason to have a fight. It was definitely what I was looking for – a reason to fight. That was what it turned out to be. Full of stress. Trying not to be negative. In the end, it was a lie. It was a horrible day. Yet, we agreed and pretended that it was a beautiful one.

We had fought. We did fight. But now it is too much. We would rather not. So it is now a waste of time to even give it a try. The beauty of putting a fight is not there anymore. Because the love has withered and the kindness has waned.

There is now no reason to believe. That the moments of high tension will be cherished. As they were. So the moment of truth is now. As we try to pretend that nothing has changed. When everything has.

Life goes on. Without the passion and joy that used to make it so beautiful.

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