Time for regional political parties!!!

20 Jun

MP Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed speaking during a Parliament session: Shiyam is set to establish a new political party. PHOTO/ PARLIAMENT SECRETARIAT | via Haveeru Online

Haveeru Online has reported that resort owner, businessman and MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed will form a new political party, and that the work on the formation of the party will commence within a week.

This will add to the already existing 15 parties that are registered in the country. The political party bill is yet to be made into law by the parliament.

Political parties are paid to the tune of 2% of the national budget. They enjoy unprecedented freedom from prosecution and other liberties unheard of for ordinary people, due to their positions of influence in the shaky democracy which is characterized by institutional and legislative gaps and failures that give abundant space for politicians to manipulate the government and state institutions to their benefit.

It is really high time that the people of the islands started seriously thinking about the concentration of political power in the capital Male’ and in the hands of few families and individuals.

Formation of regional political parties based in Kulhudhuffushi, Naifaru, Gan in Laamu Atoll, Thinadhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Fuvah Mulah and Addu City may very well play to ease the high political tensions which are concentrated in the capital Male’. The current political landscaping also helps individuals sitting in Male’ to control the remote communities from the capital Male’ more than the people in the island communities themselves.

A clear example of this is how the parliament has legalized the mechanism through control of elected councilors in the atoll and island councils. The councilors do not have any choice but to bow down to the higher ups in Male’ if they want to retain their seats. Because sacking from the party will mean losing the council seat as stipulated by law.

It is time for the island communities to overcome and free themselves from the shackles of the forces united to keep them under control.

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