Walking Along

24 Jun

This has been an awesome day. Not because it has been too good to be true. But because it has been so complicated. It is one of those days you’d rather never was; but feel good that it happened.

I had planned the day well in advance. In fact, last Thursday. I had planned it all. What to coordinate, what to follow up and with whom. Whom to call and what to say and what to ask. As well as who to meet, who to see and the agenda and the outcomes. All so well planned and ready to be executed. On top of all that, I made it a point to go over the schedule on Saturday and make the necessary adjustments and additional notes to make it perfect.

On top of it, I also ran through my schedule for the whole week with my closest working colleagues, on Saturday.

Now, come Sunday and everything started smoothly as planned. And then, one appointment had to rescheduled. Then, another very important engagement had to be cancelled. In addition, a very important but sudden school engagement had to be squeezed in.

It seemed that nothing was going to be right. Negative vibes set in. A friend came, just to talk about the unfairness and the unreasonableness that was a part of our everyday. It became so complicated. The negative energy that was building up manifested itself through my attitude, words and the things that I did.

But at the end of the day, I learnt so much through the challenges of the day. It will help me become a better person tomorrow. Thank God. Hamdhuli-Allah.

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