Hell for Children to be the Heaven for the Royal Couple for Honeymoon

08 Apr

Browzing through I read this article about the formal invitation extended to the new Royal Couple to be – Prince William and his future wife Kate Middleton.

I just wondered, whether the Royal couple will have knowledge that if they accept this invitation, they will be spending their honeymoon with a backdrop of thousands of helpless infants and young children and “adult” children (as Maldivian culture deems it), who have not even an ounce of justice in their lifetime. That there is no hope for these children; who have been physically, psychologically, sexually abused and neglected by the majority – including the State.

The Royal Couple will be supporting and promoting a country with the likes of Zimbabwe, in terms of the atrocities that go unchecked on the streets of the capital and the rest of the islands. The State gets away with a simple set of excuses which include (i) no qualified personnel (ii) no money (iii) no Laws (iv) and the Powers are now autonomous.

We wish the Royal Couple will put the Lost Children of Maldives in a slot in their agenda so that at least one of the excuses given to make this country Hell for it’s Children is addressed by Royal Couple. Well aware that the Paradise Haven for the princesses is in fact garnished with a backrop of Hell for Children.

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