The movement to dethrone President Nasheed and reinstate the powers of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

09 Apr

Supporters of the sacked former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer of DRP are moving fast and organizing themselves to garner support within the parliament to get enough MPs to sign for a resolution to take a vote of no confidence of President Nasheed. This was announced in the media by members of the breakaway faction led by Umar Naseer with the blessing of former President Gayoom. The former President seems to have been disillusioned as his thirst for grandeure has been not met by the government of President Nasheed.

It is quite reasonable to believe that he has been lured into “a no-turning back, dead end” by Umar Naseer, who was his most ardent opponent in the four years prior to the presidential election of 2008. Umar may in fact be designing implementing the ultimate demise of the Legacy that Maumoon so desperately desired, like the cultist leaders of the Middle East and Africa. Former President Gayoom was educated in Egypt and worked in Africa before returning home to move his way through his presidential aspirations.

The dictatorship of MDP and DRP, which is the biggest threat to a functioning democracy of the people in Maldives, is also undergoing power struggles within, at this juncture. Perhaps, it will be this chaos that will save the President from the proposed no confidence vote promoted by the Umar Naseer faction of the DRP.

The efforts by MDP to silence any opposition of any sort to its absolute power for the next 50 years, as expressed by its parlimentary leader, will perhaps benefit from the division of the opposition amongst those rallying behind Dear Leader Maumoon (or Zaeem as they love to call him) and the rest. The government and the opposition seem to be blind to the fate of the nation, in their struggle to own and control the people of the Maldives and the length and breadth of its wealth. Maumoon cannot be satisfied with the 30 years of absolute power to rule and benefit from the people, neither will the leaders of the MDP be satisfied unless they have the absolute power to rule the people and the nation’s wealth as they wish.

Children are being raped, people are being robbed and killed, businesses are being vandalized, tourists are under threat of being hijacked or kidnapped; and all the politicians who take away over 5% of the country’s budget under different names for their personal expenses cannot be bothered about anything except absolute power unto themselves.

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