First Democractically Elected Parliament: Mandate?

13 Apr

Today we are proud to say that we have a new constitution; one that gives the people of the Maldives the right to a dignified life in our beloved nation. The August Constitution has been a product of the collective desire of the Maldivian People for reform and justice.

We have the first democratically elected President, today. We are proud to have “30 years” of a prolonged regime behind us; a thing of the past! We have mandated a dynamic, vibrant and young President to lead us to the Other Maldives – one in which each of us will have a decent life.

Now the country is on the verge of the next best thing that will happen to our beloved nation in its new found haven of democracy. We will elect Members of Parliament to the first democractically elected 76 member strong Majlis in the parliamentary elections to be held on 9th of May.

The Question that I have is: What will be the mandate of the first parliament of the August Constitution? I have my thoughts, but maybe later!


One response to “First Democractically Elected Parliament: Mandate?

  1. Anonymous

    April 15, 2009 at 10:57 am

    Democractically elected when and who I wonder? deciving and making all sorts of tricks by VIPS to gain more votes from PIVS(poor innocent victims)of this country is all about democracy then certainly we have achieved it within the ambit of new constitution.what can you expect from these VIPS “who shake your hand before elections and your confidence later”?

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