Caffeine Overdose

09 Jun

Yesterday I was down with what a friend of mine said, was a cigarette and coffee overdose. What happened to me was; that I had a bad cough, high fever and a terrible body ache. I was furious at having being subject to this condition.

Today when I turned up for work, I was furious with myself for having put myself in such a situation where I have given the opportunity to someone else to point a finger at me. Yet, the truth is that what I have gotten into is my responsibility and mine alone.

The point is, sometimes we think that our feelings are a product of other people’s thoughts, words, or actions. Yet, the truth is that they are our own.

I would have to be more mindful of what I fill up my veins with. Better luck, the next time!

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One response to “Caffeine Overdose

  1. Ameer

    June 10, 2008 at 5:07 am

    Hope you are fine now, Shihab.

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