Seventeenth of May

18 May

Seventeenth of May turned out to be a wonderful day with all smiles. Many good things happened today. I have bought which will host the official website of Smile and Let Smile on August 16th this year. It will be the umbrella patform for all Smile Projects that have been planned for the next few years. My target date for retiring from Damas is 2016. I would then have to look for a job in civil society. That would be the time when I would start full-time on the Smile Projects. That would also allow me to have worked in the government, the private sector and the civil society.

Smile and Let Smile aims to touch the hearts and minds of all who associate themselves with Maldives, with a brilliant smile. I would have to dig up the archives to find out exactly when I started using the statement. I think it is immediately after I joined Damas, after leaving the government for better financial prospects.

Today I have the best of both worlds, I believe. A very secure job in a work environment that is fun and enjoyable and surrounded by good friends. What else can a man ask for? The Smile Project would be my effort in partnership with friends and colleagues, to do whatever little we can do, to make our community a better place for us all.

A smile cost nothing, as the saying goes; yet a smile can only be if we are in the right attitude of mind.

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