Housing for All!

05 May

I was browsing the blogs I usually visit, and this post on by Information Minister of Maldives struck me so, that I read it a couple of times. It was not the content posted by Nasheed that I read. It was what it could have been.

This minister who serves in the cabinet of the ruler of Maldives who has been in power long enough to earn the title of dictator by a large portion of his people, is talking about things that he has done in his “short term” in office. He is talking about what he has done for “his people”, journalists and others in the media circle. He is talking about publishing of works by experts which have been translated to the local language internally by his office. He is also talking of rights and standards and means to achieve them.

I just couldn’t help wondering how it would be to read the same post from the Housing Minister on World Habitat Day, talking in the same tune and the same language. But unfortunately, we don’t even have an Employment Minister in this country which has most of its young people drugged on the streets or in prison and fighting for their five star rights. No wonder that there wouldn’t be blogpost by the Housing Minister. Housing is not important enough; not as important as the right to information. People can live without a roof on their heads, if they have the right to protest and the right to information. Bull!

I couldn’t help wondering how nice it would be to have a Housing Minister who has a love of boasting about things that he has done. He would atleast have the motivation to do something to ease the life of those people with housing issues.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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