Maldives: doomed by a poverty mentality

20 Feb

The UAE Interact an Online resource that provide information and news on the UAE has reported:

Masdar City will enjoy a free zone status for renewable energy industry, said Dr Sultan Al Jaber, CEO Abu Dhabi Energy Company (Masdar). At a Press briefing after the groundbreaking ceremony late on Saturday, he said US$22 billion project would provide a launching pad for 1,500 firms involved in innovation, research and development. “The details of the incentives to be offered to the investors in the city would be announced in due course of time,” he said. . Read more here.

While in the Maldives front, Miadhu Daily Online has reported:

The launching of the Fund for Renewable Energy Systems Applications (FRESA) was held in Male’ on January 28. FRESA scheme is an initiative of the Renewable Energy Technology Development and Applications Project (RETDAP), launched in 2004, assisted by Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The development goal of RETDAP is to reduce the growth rate of GHG emissions from fossil fuel using activities, through the removal of the major barriers to the development and application of renewable energy-based systems that can supplant part of the fossil fuel use in the Maldives.

The FRESA scheme is aimed at contributing towards removing the financial barrier. The scheme, in partnership with the Bank of Maldives, is the first financial mechanism to support renewable energy technology in the country. The RETDAP project will provide the USD 250,000 required in starting up the fund. Read more here.

I was struck by the stark differences in the mindsets of the people responsible for the “development” of the two countries. We are “blessed” with consultants and leaders with “a third world” mentality while Abu Dabi is blessed with entrepeneurs and a leadership of an “abundance” mentality.

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  1. msa

    February 21, 2008 at 9:29 am

    this certainly is a very interesting comparison!

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