The Food Bank Insult

17 Nov

The other day two friends I walked into Food Bank Restaurant next to Fantasy Stores. We went there to have a coffee. I am a special fan of the Illy cappuccino that is served there, since a friend introduced me to the restaurant’s open air upstairs a few months back.

As we walked upstairs and moved toward two tables joined together which can seat six people, a waiter in uniform walked up to us and without saying a word pointed to a four seat table nearby. I stopped in my tracks, simple shocked. The way we were being ordered and without a sound!

I looked at the finger of the waiter pointing us at the other table and then at the table. There was nothing to say that this particular table was reserved. I stood shocked for a while, then walked out of the restaurant. We also called the other two friends who were to join us, and told them to come to Sea Gull Cafe’.

This is not the first time, I have met with extremely rude attitude from those serving in cafe’s and restaurants in Male. The very next day, we also had to walk out of open air at Olive Garden because we had simply being ignored by the waiters for over twenty minutes. They had more important things to do. This time the decision was taken by a Singaporean friend who was visiting us. I also recalled the day when a managing director of a reputable company in Male and I spent two hours at the top deck in Trends restaurant; just to get the invoice after two coffees were served to us.

I cannot help thinking the importance of having a coffee machine installed in the office!


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6 responses to “The Food Bank Insult

  1. Shanu

    December 10, 2007 at 5:14 am

    Yes! Its so annoying the way we get treated like specks of dust.. I am getting used to it though..I guess thats what happens to all of us.. we become used to it.. and soon it doesnt matter and the rude and unacceptable behaviour goes on.. I guess we are the enablers.. we as service recivers should take a stand! Tthen again there are so many issues where we have to take a stand.. I doubt polite behviour from waiters would be at the top of anyones list!!)

  2. mhilmyh

    November 18, 2007 at 9:07 am

    Maldives has a long standing racist culture which revers the nobility of beyfulhun and scorn’s the existence of ‘beeratehin’. This is reflected in our language and our behaviour and is evident in all public services. This caste system has been passed on from generation to generation. Little wonder then that waiters in the cafes flock to the whites perhaps looking for the extra greenback tips while completely ignorant of their haughty arrogance in the land of as termed by anonymous here ‘the earth’s biggest fools.’ When we have narcistic leaders leading a group of psychotic followers, it’s a deadly combination that perpetuates our caste system.Consumer action of boycotting the cafes may not work becoz the cafe owners may be happy to serve the tourists exclusively.Shihab: So buy your coffee maker and save some time and hurt.

  3. Anonymous

    November 18, 2007 at 1:14 am

    Travel in EU and you Maldivians will realise how low you all are.

  4. Anonymous

    November 18, 2007 at 1:08 am

    The Maldives is a racist society. They are racists in treating Whites superior. They are racists in placing themselves above all other Maldivians (any given time). They are racists toward all neighbouring nationalities. Funniest is that Maldivians think they are not coloured and have high hopes that by treating the whites better they level up instantly. The earth’s biggest fools are the Maldivians.

  5. Anonymous

    November 18, 2007 at 12:01 am

    Most of the waiters in Food bank are foreigners who are working here. For restaurants like Trends and Seagull they are very biased towards the fair skinned tourists in their services.

  6. Simon

    November 17, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    Extremely rude attitudes and behaviour are very common among us Maldivians. We just don’t have the kind of good manners in us that we expect from each other. Usually even a simple “thank you” will not be heard for favours done or goods purchased.Many people are surprised when they are on the receiving end of thank yous etc. Especially taxi drivers. šŸ˜›

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