What do you do when you feel this world is hopeless?

14 Oct

This evening I had a call from a young man I have known, who has been undergoing a very difficult life at it. He has been forced to live with his parents who cannot understand how he is different from “a normal person”, with values and norms that they feel is “the only right way”. He told me he wanted to end this life. I was able to convince him to discuss about it. We will be meeting up tomorrow to talk about it.

In the evening I also visited a friend whose son is now a psychiatric patient. He just couldn’t cope with all the happenings around him: too many answered questions. He had not found people whom he could talk to, to find answers to all his questions. Life was too difficult for him. He had a “short-circuit” and the healthcare system is not adequate to give him proper care. His condition was directly related to the Himandhoo incident.

Our country is now full of young people who perceive no reasonable future for them in life. So, what’s left for them? A happy afterlife, perhaps?

The majority of our young people are taking either of the two paths available for those who have “nothing” in this life: drugs to forget it all or extreme faith for ultimate happiness in the hereafter.

People like me, blame them for their choice, either way! What a life!


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2 responses to “What do you do when you feel this world is hopeless?

  1. Anonymous

    October 15, 2007 at 9:22 am

    What i usually do is read some good stuffs and chat a little. Fortuately i realize that others have more trouble than me, in reality. heheh So no more worries. koz its all same. you and me.

  2. mhilmyh

    October 15, 2007 at 3:12 am

    People should not freak out if they feel the world is hopeless. The world is what it is and as individuals living in it we should aim to make a positive contribution. Every individual has a role to play without giving up hope. In however small a measure, each one of us can do something that help improve our life and our society.Severely depressed people need professional help to deal with their crisis.

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