Protection from the Gangs by Affiliation

27 Sep

Tonight I took a taxi from Nasandhura Jetty to Villingili Ferry Terminal. On the way I had a conversation with the driver. It was initiated by his announcement to me that the trip would cost me 20 Rufiyaa, as it was the standard charge for taxi trips initiating from Nasandhura Jetty. He also told me that business was down these days, and he could barely make ends meet.

I asked him why there was such a shortage of taxis in Male’ these days. He said that now most of the taxis were driven by their owners. And that those drivers did not want to waste their time without sufficient income. And that some did not have the need with the kind of costs it involved. He also said that those out in business were those, like him, who had to pay 200 Rufiyaa daily, to the taxi owners.

According to the driver of the taxi who drove me, he started at eleven o’clock this morning and since he has barely made 300 Rufiyaa. And when the petrol cost him a hundred and after giving the owner of the taxi, he was left with nothing. I told him that we had a huge shortage of taxis in the morning at the Villingili Ferry Terminal.

The taxi driver told me that the owners of most new taxis who drove their own taxis did not want to come out as coming out would mean wear and tear for their cars. That was when we reached the ferry terminal.

After a few minutes I was on Villingili and saw crowds gathered near Villi Ufaa, the island’s “pub”. On conversation with the bystanders and fellow islanders I found out that the island has been swarmed by the Police Star Force, in response to a gang fight that broke out after a verbal fight between two members of rival gangs, just after the Ishaa prayers.

Villinigli, which has been relatively safe upto now, has become an island terrorised by its own existence. The streets are not safe anymore. It is more dangerous than the mainland, because the police response to any developing incident would be delayed by hours, due to the logistics of a mobilization from Male’.

We, the people living in Maldives, have all the reason to believe that protection by the gangs is the safest way for a secure existence. Some living in more civilized cities may feel that the gangs are an illegal form of protection. But for us that is the reality when it comes to protection services. They are more reliable than anyone else.


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3 responses to “Protection from the Gangs by Affiliation

  1. Simon

    September 27, 2007 at 11:41 am

    “the mainland”? Nice way of putting it. And more so since we do appear to be too big for our shoes in terms of the number of political parties and gangs established in the country. What sad state of affairs we have now. What have we been reduced to. It’s a shame that as a result a lot of our people, very smart and hardworking people, have moved away permanently from Maldives.

  2. Frozen Solid

    September 27, 2007 at 7:33 am

    many people do believe that they should have some kinda affiliation with a gang, at least have a friend of a friend jut to be on the safe side.

  3. moyameehaa

    September 27, 2007 at 4:20 am

    gangs should be totally ignored and we should not accept them as anything.what im trying to say is, this maziya city ,bosniya city,BG or what ever… who are these good for nothing,bunch of arseholes?violence… thats all they know.the worse thing is that the opposition MDP and gayom’s DRP (especially the yamin faction) get ‘help’ from gangs like these. sometimes the government give what the gangs want ,for keepin em supporting DRP.I think there should be a willy (lol) fulus with some starforce members also ,established at villingili. but again… many of the starforce police have the same mentality as the gang kids; “im tougher, you cant fuppanings!”.*sigh*go on,make your own gang.i will contact you when i need protection. 😀

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