New Maldives: Special Majlis to Take Over the Government!

20 Sep

I think it is very important for us right now to be able to find out a way out of the deadlock that we have in drafting a new constitution for the country. The media has raised concern over the incapacity of the Special Majlis to adopt a draft constitution for submission to President for ratification, after a 100 million Rufiyaa and more than 3 years of wasted time in the name of reform and democracy.

The proposal that comes to my mind is based on the belief that the root cause of the deadlock should be removed.

The conclusion that I have arrived at, on watching the broadcasts of the sessions of the Constitutional Assembly, the reports regarding the Special Majlis in the media and from what the MPs are saying; is that the impediment to drafting a new constitution is the “old” constitution and the present goverment.

If the above is the case, I guess the present Constitutional Assembly, by virtue of the legislative powers vested in the assembly, should suspend the “old” constitution, for the good of the country and the people. They should then appoint a cabinet and a prime minister to head an interim government. The President shall delegate all executive powers to the cabinet appointed by the Special Majlis.

Thus, all executive, legislative and judiciary would come under the purview of the Constitutional Assembly; and they would not have any impediments to going about their business. Maldives will once again be a first. We will be a unique democracy, engineered and run by a Constitutional Assembly.

[The Special Majlis also should pass a motion to say that all elections in the country in the past fourty years, except for those that elected the members of this Special Majlis were rigged.]

The people can wait for the members of the constitutional assembly to finish their business; and in the meanwhile also run the country so that they can ensure that the country is governed in the interim period.

If the proposal for the Special Majlis to take over the government is not “good”, please enlighten on how we can get out of this mess?


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2 responses to “New Maldives: Special Majlis to Take Over the Government!

  1. Frozen Solid

    September 21, 2007 at 8:47 am

    Well. instead how about makinh a all party interim government.. and then going for a multiparty election..

  2. Ameer

    September 21, 2007 at 1:22 am

    Great thought.

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