Are we a Knowledge Based Society?

14 Sep

It is after the Madhaha program just after the Friday prayer broadcast on TV Maldives. Usually, the Madhaha program will go on until. This is my favorite program on TVM which I watch without fail every week. Suddenly at 1.25 pm there is the unannounced interruption to the program with the preaching by President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom during the first Ihyaa Program of the month of Ramadan organized by the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs.

He is talking about information in this program, and the critical issue of verifying the accuracy of information that is spread over the complex networks using advanced technologies. He also mentions about disinformation and the use of it for strategic purposes by individuals; uncesored. He says the same is true for information about Islam today. He says we don’t know about the truth of the information we get through the media today.

He goes on to say that we should verify the information avialable through the media today by informed persons. He agrees that it would be a difficult thing to do.

Then he says that “Knowledge Based Society” is not a reality of today. Yet, that a knowledge based society is a reality of Islam. He goes on to prove this point from the Quran. [So, this is the point of his preaching on the first day of Ramadan.] The same argument he has given using the same verses for three decades now, each time on a different topic. The best part is that he does it everytime, as if it is completely new.

The front row is filled with peope who he need to educate on Islam; people who are most confused about Islam. They are the people in his cabinet and key government portfolios. The most interesting thing is that they can do this so many times a year and not give a damn about the teachings of Islam bestowed upon them by their beloved President.

The tone and intonation of the President’s voice and his gensture and facial expresssions clearly show that he is speaking to a congregation of people who are illiterate on the subjec that he is talking about. The faces of the school children in the congregation show that they are not hearing anything new; completely blank and confused.

Then he comes to the point, and says that the decision on the sighting of the moon for Ramadan can only be done properly by those who have the knowledge of it. And goes onto say that only scholars can only fully appreciate the greatness of God.

So, I can really understand now why a person like me cannot be a proper Muslim. People like me cannot appreciate Islam because we are not scholars like our President. Islam is a religion for the scholar and their followers. It must be the reason why, our country also has been turned into a country for the scholars and their followers. The rest can suffer in the gutters.

Then he corrects himself politically by saying that it is a must for any Muslim, to educate himself. That therefore, Islam is a knowledge based society. Yet, he doesn’t say that the Muslim societies are the most illiterate and backward societies in the world today. He doesn’t say that this is a gross neglect on the part of the leaders of the Muslim world who are more concerned about their grip on the people.

Listening to the President today and also on two occasions in the past week, I have a stron feeling that he will make an excellent head of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, when he retires from the current job.

As the speech came to a close, the two o’clock news is on. Now the top news of the hour is the President’s speech and the anchor reads her part and then again the President is on record saying the same things she said that he said.


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3 responses to “Are we a Knowledge Based Society?

  1. Ameer

    September 15, 2007 at 7:46 am

    First of all, in a KBS, educated ppl shud be given the freedom to teach others what they have learnt. Is this the case in Maldives? Just ask ur Islam teacher and u will know what’s the case.The govt. doesn’t want to create a KBS amongst us. It’s just a matter of “dream-showing” that they are doing. They want to play with young minds and show them an “avaamendhuru” which they actually dont want to happen.

  2. Hidden

    September 14, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    A knowledge based society(KBS), that is swallowing quite a mouthful for a society like Maldives. Of course each individual has knowledge in his mind which he uses, but knowledge society is created when this knowledge is made accessible to others, in a variety of ways. For example are employees who have the knowledge well.This also brings the term of being information literate, A KBS must have information literate people. People must be able to choose which is the best information from a variety of sources. Are Maldivians given this choice, are they educated or treated on these terms?

  3. mhilmyh

    September 14, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    A knowledge-based society is an innovative and life-long learning society.knowledge resources such as know-how, expertise, and intellectual property are more critical than other economic resources such as land and natural resources.I think Peter Drucker, famous writer and university professor popularised the term knowledge based economy.Muslim societies are the most backward societies in the world today precisely because they are not knowledge based societies.Just because our elites have access to some of the new technologies, it does not mean Maldives has become a knowledge based society.

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