President Nelson Mandela on Chld Abuse

11 Sep

SANTAC reports that President Mandela said:

The Abuse of children has become a question worldwide in various forms. […] One of the problems, as I think and I would like to mention here, is that many of the people who abuse children are parents, uncles and breadwinners and that the wife, although she knows what is happening, does not want to report this matter because it might lead to the arrest of the breadwinner.

And she therefore keeps quiet and the police can not get evidence that the child has been molested. That means, that the children themselves, no matter how young, if they are able to walk and to talk that if the child is molested, she must just walk to the police station and say I have been molested I want to be …. (and need support?).

But we cant succeed even in that if we don’t plan very well. It is necessary, that in every street, in every village, there must be somebody, preferable a child who is a guardian against the abuse of children and to whom children can go and confess. She can then go straight to the police and to report. But there is no use talking about principles without taking practical steps and I am sure, that when we fight against the abuse of children if the Government want the better with the communities, that in every street, there must be a child, who is intelligent, who is brave, who is going to make sure that she knows what is happening in her area and is able to report everything to the police.


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