Do we really need another tsunami!

05 Sep

This afternoon a meeting of the executive committee of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MNCCI) was called. However, the meeting was not held as a qourum was not present for the meeting. A number of committee members were either abroad or out of Male’ and some were taken ill by the flu that’s going around town.

Despite the qourum, we decided on some of the matters that could be finalized without a formal meeting of the executive committee. One of such matters was the appointment of a representative for a meeting called by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade regarding the possible escalation of the prices of essential goods for Ramadan. A memeber of the executive committte, Mr. Hussain Mohamed of Coastline Hardware was assigned to attend the meeting tommorrow.

He would definitely make a good representation at whatever the discussion of the meeting will be tommorrow. But the question really is, why is the government trying to patch a hole here and a ripple there. The root cause of all the socio-economic chaos and things falling apart in this country is the concerntration of the economy to a single plot of land of about two square kilometers, that is called Male’.

Zillions of studies, meetings, master plans, reviews, donor missions and protests & demonstrations will not bring an ounce of ease or recess to the suffering and the inevitable disintegration of this society into absolute anarchy.

The soloution is so simple; yet will not occur because they are not in favor of the money-minting elite who control the economy, the people and their destiny.

  1. Create three municipalities in the north, the centre and the south of the country.
  2. Pump enought resources to build schools, hospitals and create employment around each of the municipalities.
  3. Award the setting up of the infrastructure for these municipalities along with a human resource development plan to international parties with experience.
  4. Fund the projects with additional money from leasing of new islands as private properties for billionares for fifty year periods as holiday retreats.

Isn’t it simple? But then, the people in the Parliament, the Government, and the Opposition have more important things on the agenda.

We can only wish for another tsunami that would wipe off Male’ from the face of the earth!


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2 responses to “Do we really need another tsunami!

  1. shahuru

    September 7, 2007 at 12:30 pm

    Shihab, ‘fifty year’ periods as holiday retreats – for billionaires is a little bit more.There is a misleading that tourism owner have put us for too long. That resort investment are big and difficult to cover – with ten years of experience- take my word, you don’t need to lease any islands for longer than your healthy age – 20 – 30 maximum. We should not be leaving any portion of land for business use in a way our children cannot change when in need.Back to your original idea, I think that’s what we have to do, right now. We need to get ride of Ministry of Atolls Development first. The establish a Ministry of National development – in a supportive role for all regional development departments – Male and Hulhumale can be one region under one department.‘Independent’ – I mean the word – developmental regions and departments to run the developments can only be the way ahead, I think.Hilmy, your comment will make a great post on you blog.

  2. mhilmyh

    September 6, 2007 at 6:53 am

    After reading through some of your posts about our social chaos, it is clear we are flirting with disaster.Even if we do not wish for a tsunami, we know that we are going through a political earthquake. Male is the epicentre and our capital is being ravaged with destruction.Unfortunately, our elites who influence the national agenda do not realise this. They are blinded by greed and arrogance.Commenting on my post of 6.8.2007 on ‘Political temperature is rising’, an anonymous reader said this:”What i would suggest is that we all agree, come to a conclusion and we let go of Maldives for Sale. We should distribute the returns among everyone equally and let each person decide to chose there future destination country. Earning around $4-5 million per head can be the best thing that would happen to the history on man kind on earth. That day we can truly say we were proud to be Maldivians.”I wrote another post ‘become a refugee or give up citizenship’, and in it I analysed my own self and agonisingly decided that I would sell my share for the good of everyone.Wouldn’t that be better than eternally being victimised by our own elites who have no idea of how to administer justice and alleviate poverty.

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