Distorting the Child Abuse Issue

28 Aug

Yesterday the hot issue on the “Ten to Eleven” show jointly broadcast by TVM and VOM was the article in Haveeru by Hilath Rasheed, which CAWM had highlighted in one of our earlier posts. The show was broadcast live 2200 – 2300 hrs.

Having tuned into the show , we felt the show did much to distort the issue of child abuse especially sexual abuse of children rather than highlight actual concerns, educate the public, and help find a way forward.

It is very important that we do not pin down the broad issue of child abuse, to a conflict of cause and effect with the government of the Maldives or the religion of Islam, though not a conscious effort.

Child abuse and especially sexual abuse of children is a real issue and what we need to do is; (i) make people aware of what it is, (ii) how it affects us and what the consequences of our actions are, and will be, (iii) what we can do as individuals, and civil society organs, and (iv) what the government needs to do. We need to create an urgency about it.

We believe the best way forward is by forging partnerships rather than animosities. The latter seemed to be the unintended outcome of the spot on the show.

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2 responses to “Distorting the Child Abuse Issue

  1. Ameer

    August 28, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    They failed to prove what they did “in the background.” What have they done? Not even notified the public that the law is in contrary with what they have woved to the international community.Hide! Hide! Hide!No more hiding Minister Aisha. It’s time to say “enough” and resign.

  2. Hilath

    August 28, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    I wonder whether anyone at Gender Ministry is a woman or has a heart or once has been a child. The actions of people like Mazeena Jameela (director of Child Rights Union) and Aisha Mohamed Didi (gender minister) will only demoralise all the victims who has been abused. It will give out the message that rather than promising to deliver stronger action against pedophiles, they are trying to cover up. Way to go Aisha and Mazee. You are greatly contributing to people losing confidence in President Gayoom’s government. And I have to say I would like to see nothing more than that at this time.

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