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Nothing about us without us

The “National Conference on Revitalizing Public Health: Working together for a Healthier Nation” – an event which will happen over the next three days in Paradise Island Resort. Perhaps, a sound public health system should lead to paradise style life.

1. I am not sure who the participants of this conference are. It was not mentioned in the news articles I had read.

2. Public health should definitely lead to healthy individuals who live in a happy place, without the need for sophisticated medical facilities.

3. I wondered if the recipients of the public health system were a part of the conference. I am referring to the elderly, victims of abuse, children and other recipients of abuse.

4. Mental health is a public health issue that is crippling this nation right now. And the principle “nothing about us without us” was introduced and mandated for 2030 SDGs by the CRPD.

5. I am not sure if those who funded and organized the conference are ignorant of the principle, or just didn’t care about it. They must have attended numerous conferences where the principle was in practice.

6. It is one thing to talk about principles of inclusivity and so on. Yet another to have it in the bottom of your heart and mind.

I believe that Shifaza from B. Goidhoo and other victims of the public health crisis should have been in the conference, and it should have revolved around them.

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The Girl in a Wheel Chair "parked" outside the Mosque

The other day a girl in a wheel chair was “parked” in front of the gate to Orchid Magu, Bandaara Miskiiy. She was there when people came out of the mosque after the Asr prayers. She was in the heat of the sun.

A person wearing a mundu and a shirt came and wheeled her away after the prayers. He probably had gone into the mosque for prayers leaving the girl there.

The man is seen quite often around the bazaar wheeling the girl-child who has a walking-disability. It is a pathetic sight. We cannot understand why the person has to walk around with the girl, displaying her in a manner that is perceived to attract sympathy.

It may be quite inappropriate to give a judgement on how right or wrong this act is. But we feel that this is a situation of child abuse by mistreatment to the child.

CAWM will take up the matter with Child Protection Services to highlight the plight of this girl and take necessary action to stop this abuse. We would like to call upon all like minded persons to take up the issue with relevant government authorities and civil service agencies.

This is just a case of lack of awareness of childrens’ rights in our society.


President for a Speedy Solution to Child Abuse!

“[…] The third issue that the President highlighted in his address was that of the rights of children and recent reports of cases of abuse against children. He emphasised that we, as a society, should be ashamed that such incidents were happening in the Maldives. He said that the issue warranted the attention of all the people, and that a speedy solution must be found on a nationwide scale. He added that the government was reviewing additional measures that could be implemented in all avenues to stop such horrendous acts, including stronger action that could be adopted through the criminal justice system against perpetrators of child abuse.” President’s Office: August 31, 2007

Much of the neglect and mistreatment of children in this country occur due to lack of capacity and adequate mechanisms to ensure a safe environment for children in this country. The fact is that we have failed in creating family conditions conducive to child welfare.

I wonder why he did not say, he as the President, was ashamed of the atrocities happening against children in his country under his watch.

The President makes the calls, but there are few in his government who take things that he says that seriously.


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Define, question & take action!

If the following are acceptable definitions of child abuse,

  • the neglect or mistreatment of a child
  • the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children
  • any form of cruelty to a child’s physical, moral or mental well-being

Each of us need to ask himself/herself,

  • Didi I mistreat a child?
  • Have I neglected a child?
  • Have I been cruel to a child?

And, we need to make a commitment to,

  • to care for each child
  • to treat children with dignity
  • to object to all cruelty toward children

Let’s help make a difference! Our children deserve better!

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Distorting the Child Abuse Issue

Yesterday the hot issue on the “Ten to Eleven” show jointly broadcast by TVM and VOM was the article in Haveeru by Hilath Rasheed, which CAWM had highlighted in one of our earlier posts. The show was broadcast live 2200 – 2300 hrs.

Having tuned into the show , we felt the show did much to distort the issue of child abuse especially sexual abuse of children rather than highlight actual concerns, educate the public, and help find a way forward.

It is very important that we do not pin down the broad issue of child abuse, to a conflict of cause and effect with the government of the Maldives or the religion of Islam, though not a conscious effort.

Child abuse and especially sexual abuse of children is a real issue and what we need to do is; (i) make people aware of what it is, (ii) how it affects us and what the consequences of our actions are, and will be, (iii) what we can do as individuals, and civil society organs, and (iv) what the government needs to do. We need to create an urgency about it.

We believe the best way forward is by forging partnerships rather than animosities. The latter seemed to be the unintended outcome of the spot on the show.

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