Six Years of Learning and Growth

15 Aug

Today I am completing six years with Damas, which is my full-time engagement in the private sector after 16 years of service in the government. Today is a day worth celebrating, and also a day for new committments and milestones for building a better future for my company, my family, my colleauges and myself.
My sincere thanks are to Mr. Mohamed Salih, Chairman of Damas – for his mentorship during these six years which has given me strength, a better understanding and purpose in my life and career, modified my attitude to life and work, and opened new doors of opportunities in growth and development. The best part of my life and that of my family in the last six years have been those in Damas and the support of all those around us from the company in any hour of need.
I am also proud of the space that I have been allowed to dedicate to my work and the company; by Aisthu, Ahmed and Almas. It is their understanding and affection that has allowed me to dedicate the kind of time, energy and effort to the company throughout these six years. We believe that Damas is a part of us and that we are a part of Damas. We would like to keep it that way!
I believe that the completion of six years in service to our customers and the nation, is an achievement itself. The greatest achievement of which is the learning that has taken place in the process of doing so.
Damas is a place of fun, sharing and caring. We live for the greater happiness of those with us. Our purpose is to serve. We serve with pride and dignity. Damas is a place like no other. We have our ups and our downs; but there is no place better to be.
My wish is to serve in Damas for another nine years, after which I hope to move on to a full-time engagement in a job in civil society – probably something to do with children or the disadvantaged.
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