Service Attitude

21 May

This afternoon, a friend and I went to the Sea House Cafe on the top of MTCC Hulhumale Ferry Terminal. We went there to have a "snack meeting".
As we went in, we sat down at a table with a view of Hulhule. After five minutes, we were told by one of the waiters that the table has been reserved; and that we should move to another table. We did! Then, we waited for another fifteen minutes before the waiter attended to our table; and we had to ask for menu card and an ash tray. I had almost finished the cigarette I was smoking! (Sorry, I know it is a bad habit that I have to kick soon; for a third time!)
It took several minutes for the waiter to come back to us. When we gave our order he told that Grannini carrot orange was not available! So, I just settled for a bottle of mineral water (small). By the time, we had finised, we could not find a waiter to ask for the bill; so we went to the counter and settled the bill. This is the plight of the average visitor to cafe’s and restaurants in Male.
There’s much talk of developing this nation and moving it forward and attracting foreign investors. The very first step; that is the attitude in the minds of the people who are a part of the cultural dynamics of this nation are still at the very infant stage. It could years and possibly not ever happen with the lacking in national leadership for the way forward.
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