HOFEX Day Three

15 May

This morning I had the usual hot chocolate and a plain croissant for breakfast. We had breakfast at the exhibition centre cafeteria. Then we went straight to Hall 2. It was also food items like the Grand Hall and Hall 3.
Today we went to yet another gingseng stall and some more wine stalls. We found two Thai companies who were willing to pack Munna’s rice for us. Ahmed Didi said that the prices were compatible. We bumped into Ali Bushree in Hall Two.
In the afternoon we went again to visit Pino in his stall and had a chat with him and that visited Mahomet in the Otzy stall before we finished for the day. We finally decided not to take the items from Otzy stall as just the handling charge in Hong Kong would cost 3000 Dollars.
In the morning Ahmed tried to see whether we could change our travel to Singapore in the afternoon instead of in the night. It was not possible.
Mohamed Shihab | Smile and Let Smile
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